About Us

Our mission is twofold. We help business owners improve the results they are getting from their businesses, and we help individuals with the financial side of their lives. Our approach is scientific in nature: assess what's going on now, identify what needs to improve and then develop and implement practical solutions. No matter the amount or type of work we do for you, we strive to complete it with the highest degree of quality, integrity and efficiency.

Our working relationship will be critical. We seek to build a strong and productive relationship with you, relying on open, honest communication and prompt response to phone calls and emails.

Whether you need the services of a bookkeeper, a tax adviser, a CPA or a CFO, we’re here to help you. Working together, we can make good things happen.

Since 1993, our founder, Bill Colangeli, has been assisting start-up, small and medium sized businesses in and around the Boston area, working hard to help them make the most of their business endeavors. Individual clients also come to us for a variety of tax and financial needs.

Practice Areas

So much of your success in business depends on making quality business decisions. And the quality of those decisions depends on the quality of the information coming from your accounting system.


    Get it right at the source

    You can outsource day to day bookkeeping details to us---invoicing, bills, data entry, banking, credit cards, reconciliations, etc. And because our founder is a CPA, he knows what a good set of books looks like and acts like. The chart of accounts will be clear, concise and informative. Your financial statements will be organized and up to date. Even if you have bookkeepers on staff, we work with them--providing support, backup, taking tasks off their plate. And when we do bookkeeping, we’re always keeping an eye out for ways we can increase efficiencies and improve processes. Because the sooner the bookkeeping is done, the sooner we can get you the information you need to assess how the business is doing.


    Taking care of one of the biggest assets of your business

    We provide full service payroll processing, complete with electronic filing of all federal and state returns and timely remittance of all payroll tax payments. We also have secure online access for employees, so they can view their pay information at any time.


    Traditional C.P.A. services

    This service area includes periodic review of your books, ‘closing’ of the books, issuance of accountants’ reports on financial statements, cash flow planning, budgeting, etc.


    The numbers tell the story

    This is where we use the accounting information to assess what’s going on in your business. What are the trends? How are you doing now compared to the past? Where are things strong? Weak? What needs improving? It starts with analysis and ends with action. We then discuss what needs to change and what solutions can bring about positive change.

  • TAX

    You have to file, why not make the most of it

    Filing tax returns may not be your favorite thing to do, but we have found ways to use this obligation for good! As an experienced tax professional, our founder can help you assess the tax impact of various financial events and decisions such as: What type of business should I be? What is the tax impact if I sell this, buy this, do this? In what ways can I reduce the tax ‘bite’? And while we prepare your tax filings and go through your documentation, we offer feedback on important elements of your financial affairs that we notice, things like beneficiary designations, use of trusts, ownership of accounts, etc.

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